Winter Bulker-Help Me Out

  1. Winter Bulker-Help Me Out

    Here is a list of things I have laying around the house. I haven't decided what I will use or how long so I need you guys to help out. I know these don't give the best stacking options, but it's what I have and would like to incorportate them in this cycle.

    T suspension (No, I don't mind daily sticks)

    I was hoping to go at least eight weeks and maybe ten. I'm not a fan of shorter cycles. I also have some M1T, but I'm laying off that for awhile.

  2. By the way, I have lots of experience with Test and Tren cycles. My main question is how to fit the others into this cycle. Where? When? How long?

    Thanks, farmer

  3. You could make it simple and leave out the slin and M40HN for this cycle. Use 40mg M5AA pre-workout regardless of how much Test/Tren you run. M5AA is tough on the hairline, so keep that in mind. You could also run the M5AA at a higher dose, like 100mg ED spread evenly the last 2-4 weeks of your cycle. Looking back at my first log, I have had a little trouble keeping the strength gains I got from M5AA though running it in the latter part of a cycle.

    I am sure others can think of some inventive ways to use the M4OHN. Just brainstorming on my part.

  4. Yeah, I wasn't sure if I should be stacking tren with MOHN, let alone M5AA. With tren and M5 both being so androgenic. Problem is, most all of my cycles include Test and Tren. I have gotten a very good feel for how these two work together for me and I can usually control it fairly well based on what I want to achieve.

    I haven't had a problem keeping most of my LBM gains since I started using tren. I'm not too concerned with keeping all my strength gains from the M5. I was thinking more along the lines of using it to harden up a bit at the end.

  5. Since I didn't get any feedback on the questions, I'll post my tentative schedule and see what you think.

    wk 1-10 TNE 50mg/day
    wk 5-10 Tace 75mg/eod
    wk 7-10 M5AA 50mg/pre-wo
    wk 1-3 and 8-10 Slin post-wo only and extending into the first two weeks of PCT.

    Nolva will be run at 20mg eod during the cycle. PCT will be six weeks of nolva with clo added the first three weeks. This is my winter bulker/harden up/getting ready for spring cycle. Any suggestions?



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