Blood pressure too high!!!

  1. Blood pressure too high!!!

    My fitness center here at school just got fancy new bp machine so me and my workout bud went to get ours done. We are both currently on a 1Test 4ad cycle which I just took my last shot Monday. My bp was 176/64. WTF? Is it the stuff and why just my systolic so high? THe lady that works in the office asked if I was doing steroids I was like "pssshhh yeah I sure am" Oh yeah my bpm's was 70 too. Anybody else have similiar problems or can offer some insight

  2. That's high, but one can not get an accurate assesment of real BP unless you test multiple times , under varying conditions.The average of a number of tests, on a machine that's accurate and calibrated is the only accurate way to really know.

    Headaches and facial flushing are two symptoms of high BP that I know of, getting these? Even if you are or not, only the above averaging method on a good machine will provide a accurate assesment.

  3. TwinLab Bloodpressure Control Log

    Twinlab Bloodpressure control dropped my Systolic down 20points within 1 week. I was also on a 1test/4ad cycle and my BP went from 118/59 pulse of 60 to 148/75 with a pulse of ~80.

    Rise in blood pressue/pulse is due to fluid retention, androgens in your system, rapid weight gain...goes with the territory.

    Id venture to bet that most people on a cycle have elevated BP, they just never get it checked....

    Check out that Blood Pressure Control product and Hawthorn Berry, both are effective. The Twinlab product seems to work very fast, while the Hawthorn berry takes a few weeks to see results.


  4. I'm sure this is not the case but I'll mention it anyway. some of the bp machines I have seen say that if you have a arm larger than 13" then it will give higher readings. I check mine on them and they read extremely high when off cycle.
    on another note while on m1t, 4ad, and m5 my blood pressure was in the high normal range. my bp is alway normal.
    BV that really sucks about Dimebag.

  5. BV that really sucks about Dimebag.
    Oh I know really has me down.



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