BulkUp By Andro Factory Review

  1. BulkUp By Andro Factory Review

    Hey all, this post is very late from when I took BulkUp but out of respect for Andro Factory and the help one of the reps gave me I decided I need to stop putting this off. I had spent a few months aboard a lobster boat working very long and hard weeks. I probably had no more than 1800 calories a day. I went in to the job weighing in at 205, benching 275, squatting 345, and dead lift 405x5. By the end of the job I was 180 pounds, could barely get 205 on the bench and was squatting under 300, not sure on dead lift solely because my back was in bad shape at this point from throwing traps around all day, they're very hard to pick up with your legs. I then posted here asking advice for a type of pro-hormone that would help speed up the rebuilding process and was quickly turned towards bulk up. I started with 4 capsules for the first week and then 6 for another five weeks. I didn't really ever notice myself making significant gains or having a great pump during my workouts, it really felt like I was just naturally getting stronger and I remember actively thinking that it hadn't worked. Then I realized that in six weeks I had gained 12 pounds (I was back at 190 when I started BulkUp) and was max bench 245, squat 315, and dead lift was 345x5. My numbers were definitely not where they had been but they were close and it only took six weeks of a supplement that I barely felt having an effect. The one side that I did notice was that I was breaking out, that took a little while to subdue even after the cycle. For post-cycle I did nolva for a very limited time, due to my low dosage I didn't feel the need and months after I was still gaining. Great product that I would use in the future.

    If you have any questions be sure to ask, my diet was pretty much eat anything, I just try to have high carbs and high protein, I have never been worried about being sculpted, I have just been fortunate enough that I have never had to worry about a getting a belly and I have had prominent pectoral muscles since before I started lifting.

  2. 12lbs with out feeling the sides of cycling, sounds like a winner to me!
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  3. Good post man thanks for the review, am needs more reviews and less opinions. AF has its critics but the reviews posted I have seen are all positive, I will be using bulk up in my next cycle for sure.

  4. thank you for the review...always good to see peoples reviews of products that not many ppl have tried yet
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  5. I love BULK-UP. The gains I got from these compounds are unlike anything else I've ever tried!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Fred Anthony View Post
    I love BULK-UP. The gains I got from these compounds are unlike anything else I've ever tried!!
    I am guessing that's a typo in your particulars and that you do in fact weigh more than 69lbs?...either way it wouldn't matter to me...but please do share your feedback, gains and dosing?

  7. Just thought I'd bump this, a pretty decent review. Mild in feeling yet a solid increase in weight and weights lifted


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