I'm considering a cycle of DMZ and LMG but haven't decided on the duration and/or length of the stacked LMG. I could use some advice or input.

Probably will do 30/30/30/(30-45)/(30-45) on the DMZ, undecided about the length, dose, time period of LMG. Any advice would be great. Probably will kick off at about 75mg either the same day as D-Zine, or 2-3 weeks in advance???

Solid cycle of LGI Mag-25 under my belt at this point, retained 10 pounds after proper PCT. I will be using Torem for this one, as with the last...90/60/60/30 alongside other common sense ****. Probably will be using SAMe + CoQ10 while on, do have some TUDCA sitting around.