Should I change AI dose when adding Epistane to end of Test cycle

  1. Should I change AI dose when adding Epistane to end of Test cycle

    Hi everyone,

    I have done a lot of searching but have not found a clear answer so I hope you guys don't bite my head off :P

    Currently I am in week 7 and my cycle looks as follows:

    - Weeks 1-12: Test E 750mg per week (3x250mg injects)
    - Weeks 1-3: M-1-t 30mg
    - Weeks 7-12: HCG 1000iu per week (2x500iu injects)
    - Weeks 1-12: Aromasin(exemestane) @ 6.25mg daily, might run this through PCT aswell
    - Weeks 14-18: PCT - I have plenty of Clomid, Toremifene and Rolaxifene, still deciding which I will take. Some DAA, testofen and other natty test boosters.
    - I have also been taking TUDCA, Liv.52, SAMe and AI cycle support to protect myself from the evil m1t i took earlier in the cycle

    Anyways, now to my question. I am wanting to end my cycle with 4 weeks of Epistane @ 40mg/day. I am aware that Epistane has some anti-estrogen activity but I do not know the extent of this. If I take Epistane in my final 4 weeks and keep my dose of Aromasin @ 6.25mg daily will this drive my estrogen too low? Should I drop the AI and rely on the Epistane instead? I recently met an amazing girl and don't want to risk annihilating my sex drive with 2 anti-estrogens.

    Any help is much appreciated

  2. I haven't done a lot of research on epi in particular but I would definitely suggest continuing the aromasin. I've read that epi has AI like properties but have also heard that is bro science. In any case you will not hurt your gains by continuing the AI. I just ran a 14 week test cycle and put on 23lbs while running 10mg Nolva and 12.5 aromasin daily. I too was worried about killing my gains but I'm sitting in my 4th week pct still +18-20lbs.
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  3. I think its bs that epistane "cures" gyno.. but it doesnt aromatize. I think you will be fine with your AI. If you get sides of low estrogen you can always stop using the AI

  4. May i ask why you don't just do 375 test e twice weekly? I would prefer that over 3 shots myself.
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  5. To be honest I hadn't really considered it. I might indeed do that for the rest of my cycle.

  6. I got bloodwork DURING a cycle of epi that showed pretty damn clear that I had elevated E2. Epi doesn't have to aromatise, but epi wasn't shutting me down 100%, so the bits of test I was producing were certainly being converted at higher rates than normal due to the increased level of anabolics in my blood stream.

    I always chuckle at the anti-estrogen Epi broscience. The study everyone always cites was for a completely different compound.

  7. I wouldn't rely on epi to control estrogen. I'd keep running the ai.


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