Dmz and Trenazone Questions

  1. Lightbulb Dmz and Trenazone Questions

    Hey guys i am finishing up a pct, and have a few questions about dmz and tren. Good to stack?
    also if i were to get dmz, should i get super dmz rx 2.0 or one that i can up the dosage with?
    thanks brahs, forever mirin.

    2bottles trenazone
    1bottle super dmz rx2.0 or xtreme dmz

    super dmz rx 2.0 is 10 mg dmz and 10 mg msten 60 caps, whereas xtreme dmz is 16 and 90 caps no msten

    so if i did them for a month that would be either 20mg msten and 20 mg dmz, or 48 mg dmz? what would be better

  2. IMO the SDMZ 2.0. I love the product and I am currently doing exactly what you are about to do:
    SDMZ 3/ caps a day weeks 1-5 ( maybe 6)
    Trenabol 4 caps a day weeks 4-7 or 5-8 depending on when I cut out the SDMZ. Also not sure which tren your running, but BSL just released Trenabol. I was given the opportunity for a sponsored log and jumped on it! Looks like an amazing product as its the first PH to ever convert to actual trenbolone after digestion.

  3. i was gonna do antaeus labs trenazone which is dienalone or something like that . is the trenabol methylated and are sides bad? how many bottles you got for each? have a good run with it btw, looks like a solid plan

  4. Appreciate it! Trenabol is 15mg caps. Was given two bottles and directed to run 4 caps a day for four weeks. I trust BSL quality and have backed them since they took over sales of SDMZ 2.0 from IML. I have yet to begin the tren yet, but after talking to the admin, I have concluded ill expect the typical tren sides. Night sweats, possible gyno rebound etc. but dosed at 60mg a day, I won't see any of the extreme tren sides such as extremely elevated BP and enlarged prostate etc. but, I do feel The two profits stacked together are gonna be your best bet. Plus, if bought together, you can get all 3 or 4 bottles with one of the MODs discount codes for 10% off

  5. only problem is im in canada so id have to buy from strong or orbit :O, how much have you gained so far off the dmz?

  6. I have a question and it might be stupid. I'm pulling a blank on who BSL is? Could you enlighten me please? I'm interested in this stuff. Been wondering when a PH to actual Tren would arrive

  7. This has more been a recomp cycle for me with the tren quicker, really gonna lean me out. But I had to lower cal intake and up cardio because it was blowing me up. Good weight, but I have a lifting comp in a few months and not trying to gain right now! I was up 8 lbs the first week and a half.

  8. ohhhh baby, i can live with that haha, water weight? i still wanna look lean too and recomp seems like the best way to go for me

  9. Haha it's a solid compound. Glycogen load first few days with some water weight for your first week, but after that you lean out and pack on solid pounds as long as diet is in Check. You can tailor SDMZ based in diet and training to pretty much achieve any goal you want. IMO.

  10. i cannot waitfor this stack, im pretty excited to run these two together.


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