Ready for first cycle but still need some mentoring

  1. Ready for first cycle but still need some mentoring

    I'm about to turn 30, I'm 5"4 165 I have been lifting for 8 years now. I'm looking to gain lean mass and have a lean look. Any advice?

  2. Solid diet, training routine an sleep! Do some research on started compounds and then post a possible cycle layout. You're not gonna get help if it looks like you haven't done any research yourself. Use the search bar and type first PH cycle ad read what comes up. Then create a possible cycle, post it and you will get a lot more advice. Also study PCT and cycle support. You will get bashed if it seems like you don't know much and wanna run a cycle.

  3. Will do, thank you for the advice! I should of known better just to jump in and post.

  4. You're good brother! Just saving you from possible. Get a cycle lay out, learn your stuff and tons of people will be more than willing to give you tips

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