How do you modify your training while on cycle (non-menstral)

  1. How do you modify your training while on cycle (non-menstral)

    Wanting to see some feedback from members regarding what, if anything, they modify about their training while on cycle.

    For instance, I typically train 3 days a week. Any significance to bumping it up to 4 or 5?

  2. I'm guilty of using the exact same routine as off-cycle.

    I should train more, since that's exactly what steroids allow you to do.

  3. Longer training sessions or even 2 a days. Also much more fascial release because all that new muscle is gonna tighten up like a bitch if I don't

  4. Once you feel "on" don't be afraid to stay in the gym a little extra, few extra working sets and some burn outs. You will heal/recover faster on cycle and its a way to enhance the overall results of your cycle. Be sure with increased training, you also increase nutrition and sleep. Space out your training days from a three day split to four. Pay more attention to lacking areas and maybe even bump it up to 5. I usually run a 4 day split off cycle and 5 day split on cycle

  5. Off, i train 5 days a week. On, i train 7 days a week. I increase volume, and obviously increase weight as strength increases. However, you have to be very careful of how your body is handling the increased load. Just because testosterone tells your body to keep going, they body will crash at a certain point and you'll get sick. Guaranteed.

  6. Thanks for the feedback. Going to up it to 4 days and if that feels okay, may add a 5th.

    I've done push, pull, and legs day already this week, so may add in a deadlift/ arms day tomorrow.

  7. I do 4 days off cycle and 5-6 on cycle depending on my current goals.

  8. Over trained on my first cycle, and got sick.

    Next cycles, I made sure to stay more reasonable. I added a drop set finisher to my normal routine and replaced regular cardio with HIIT. No crashing so far with this setup.


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