Is this too complicated a cycle - avoiding needles as much as poss

  1. Is this too complicated a cycle - avoiding needles as much as poss


    How about this for a cycle ----- the 17aa's are for a total of 8 weeks, though with a low dose to start ( this was from an article on d-bol as a supplement)

    wk1-4 d bol 10mg/10mg/ 15mg/15mg - 17aa

    wk 5-8 anavar 30mg/30mg/30mg/30mg - 17aa

    wk 3-6 turinabol 20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg

    wk 1-8 nolvadex 10mg wk 8-11 40mg

    milk thistle 3 weeks prior continuing to 3 weeks after at 140mg day.

    i can also do test enth, but only want one inject a week max, probably 150 per week

    I also have primobolan at 50mg per day tabs

    also have adequate clom for pct

    if i used the primobolan towards the end of the cycle would this help retain more strength gains and harden the muscles

    I am 40, 6 ft, 200lbs, training 8 years solid and for 10 years off and on before that

    main goal is strength, with some size and a bit of fat loss towards the end probably from the fluid

    i train 5 days a week with a good split, bench 220lb, dead380lb, rack pull 500lb, squat340 to parallel all for about 3-5 reps

    protein consumption is good, though some of the caloiries i consume are a bit junky, but at least protein/calories are in the 4500 mark, will clean up for cycle

    Did a 35 mg of d bol,for 6 weeks, took milk thistle for the duration good gains in size and strength but lost most. post cycle.

    thought if i added extra slower acting stuff would keep strength gains..

    Its difficult with wife and kids around to keep needles and viles around so would prefer to keep with orals, though one inject per week would be ok (i hope).

    the nova during all the cycle was an idea from an article i read somewhere (i think here on lowering of ldl’s and stuff.

    So if the primobolan tabs are non 17aa are they safer to take than other orals. Also read that anavar was also less harmfull than d-bol

    Though some size would be good, looking really for strength gains and some hardness to muscle, would prefer not to get to much bloat, that is why i chose low dose d-bol

    Have access to all mentioned plus paper stuff from a good source.

    So please dont say just test enth/d bol cycle, its what i hear on most of these forums

  2. Quote Originally Posted by pauly J
    So please dont say just test enth/d bol cycle, its what i hear on most of these forums
    There is a reason for works to keep gains. That is why you lost your gains after a 6-week dbol only cycle. If you're going to use Test E, then I suggest you use it at 500mg ew, instead of the 150mg's you proposed.

  3. Why not go with a boldenone and test transdermal?

  4. because not everyone can get a test base? *sigh*

  5. yes they can it just takes a little time converting everything

  6. yeah, you're right there. But since my time is limited... I don't have access

  7. Needles are your friend

  8. You can buy test base transdermals from some sources. You just have to look around, its not as hard to find as you think.

  9. 50mg oral primo per day = waste of $$.

  10. Hey Pauly, Cuffs got the answer for 150 mg of test, the lovely signs of youthfulness will appear, do to you being 40, other than that their will be zilch in strength gains..go for at least 500mg. 150 mg will just you shut down in the nuts area.... 500mg is a low enough dosage to not cause to much will have of the game man. Also 50mg of primo tabs a day is a total waste. Depending how many you have, you need to up the dose to 100 to 150mg do to primo being a short lived acetate form...remeber they are not 17AA but 1-methylated...Just my three cents worth...

  11. Thanks guys all taken on board

  12. just convert some syno to TNE or prop


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