Cycle help msten/epi

  1. Cycle help msten/epi

    I need some help with my next cycle. Im currently 24 years old and have done many previous cycles. I just recieved a bottle of Epi2a3a and IML M-Sten rx.

    On-Cycle looks like
    Epi- 20/30/30/30
    M-sten rx- 10/20/20/20
    N2 Guard 7/7/7/7
    No-Estrogen rx - 0/0/2/2/2/2

    Ultra Male rx: 1/1/1/1
    Erase by PES: 3/3/3/3

    Now I am stuck on which serm to run any input?

  2. Stupes
    Stupes's Avatar

    Torem 120/120/60/60

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