5x5 STRONGLIFTS for my little brother????

  1. 5x5 STRONGLIFTS for my little brother????

    So my brothers 16 and he wants to start working out. So I thought id get him on 5x5
    Workout A
    Squat 5x5
    Bench Press 5x5
    Bent Over Rows 5x5

    Workout B
    Squat 5x5
    Over Head Press 5x5
    Deadlift 1x5

    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

    Would you guys recommend he also do some assistance work or just follow the normal program? And is it ok

  2. You'd get more feedback in the training section of the forum. You posted in anabolics....

  3. 5x5 STRONGLIFTS for my little brother????

    Repost in training yes, but I trained using the strong lifts 5x5 and i made incredible gains in strength. I think it's a great workout for someone starting out to really learn their bodies and work on those compound movements. Especially the big three. Focus on the form so he doesn't pick up poor habits. Good luck
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  4. Don't let your 16 year-old bro cycle.

    Not cool man (-_-)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AwhYeah View Post
    Don't let your 16 year-old bro cycle.

    Not cool man (-_-)
    Wat? No bro he's not using roids lol



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