Best Epi clone or PH for a cut.

  1. Best Epi clone or PH for a cut.

    I've been off the forums for about a year and Im pretty behind in whats still out there. Can someone please tell me who makes the best Epi clone or what would be the best PH for a cut?


  2. 10 mg of sd for 6 weeks is pretty awesome for cutting, better results then when I ran epi

  3. My last cycle about 2 years ago was SD and though it went well my recovery was bad. I think I want to stay with something lighter this round.

  4. RPN Havoc, if you can find some Forged Epi, IBE Epistane. Tmk, its not a clone as its still manufactured with the same chemical compounds as the first epistane to come out. I think Havoc seems to be the most popular. Also LGI EPI-10.
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  5. Re: Best Epi clone or PH for a cut.

    I've used Havoc and LGI Epi-10. Both are great. I have a log of my Havoc and 11oxo cut on here. Was best cut cycle I've ever done. Kinda expensive tho.

    Montys Recomp/Cut with Havoxo (Havoc 11oxo)
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  6. Thanks guys. Ive tried doing a google search but everywhere says out of stock on Havoc, IPE, and LGI. Do you guys know where or if you can still get either of these brands?

  7. Between planet, lockout, and orbit, you have to find something right? IBE is only sold on phf right?

  8. Thanks for your help.


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