Help with my third cycle

  1. Help with my third cycle

    Hi you all I'd like your opinion about this bulk cycle I'm about to start.

    I'm 26, 202 lb, 1.85 height. I have bone 2 cycles so far. The first one was a bulk cycle for 14 weeks. First 7 weeks with dianabol, deca and susta and last 7 with anapolon, EQ and supertest 400. After I did PCT. Everything was fine with no erection problems etc. After 2 months I did a cut cycle for 14 weeks. First 7 weeks with trebolone, supertest 400 and oral turinabol and last 7 with test prop, trebolone, masteron, winstrol and halotestin. This cycle ****ed me real hard even thought I did PCT. My libido was down for 3-4 months, my erection wouldn't last etc.

    Now that I'm ok and out for 7 months I'm planning to do this cycle.

    Week 1-12 sustanon 2x 250 per week
    Week 1-12 equipoise 2x 250 per week
    Week 1-8 dianabol 20/30/40/50/50/40/30/20 mg per day
    Week 5-12 proviron 25 or 50 mg per day
    Week 4-10 HCG 1500 iu per week
    Week 13-14-15 off
    Week 16-18 HCG 1500 iu EOD for 8 shots (16 days)
    Week 16-17 100 mg clomid and 40 mg nolvadex
    Week 17-18 50 mg clomid and 20 nolvadex
    Week 19-21 50 mg clomid and 10 nolvadex
    Week 13-20 TAD glutathione injection 1 amp per week

    I will be also using Ω3-6-9, multivitamin and lpc.

    Is the use of HCG right in this cycle?

    Thanks in advance.
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