Sust deca prop question

  1. Sust deca prop question

    What's up guys? I'm new to the forum. My stats:5'7,wt 187lb, age 26, have been training for 6 years....heres my question I'm currently I'm the middle of a sust deca cycle. 625mg ew sust,400mg ew deca...I plan on running sust and deca for 12 weeks and to ffinish off I would run test prop 150mg eod for 14 days followed my 7 days of 100mg eod to transition into pct...would this be benificial or would it be better to cut deca at wk 12 and run sust for 14 wk...any input would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  2. To add to the previous post.. I am also taking liquidex .25 eod from start of cycle through pct..also hcg and plan on clomid 300mg day1,100mg2-14,50mg14-28. I also like to run igf des 1,3 during pct...enjoy the pumps, also I feel it helps to maintain some of my gains. LLook forward to being critiqued I feel I have quit a bit of knowledge fe the average joe..but knowledge is power and I could always use more of both..that being said I look forward to the feedback.

  3. Anyone?

  4. I dont pin yet, buuuut... From everything I've read, you should definitely stop the Deca weeks before the end of the test. It has an incredibly long active life and will stay in there floating around and keeping you from recovering so you'll need to end that and keep going with the test for a bit, the way I understand it. Sorry I can't be more help
  5. Sust deca prop question

    The difference between the esters undecanoate (deca) and decanoate (as in the sus) are negligible.

    In saying that, you'll have higher blood plasma levels of deca, so drop that 10-14 days before dropping test.

    Don't worry about about the prop, it's unnecessary.

  6. Thanks guys for the input...I've previously ran sust/deca/Bol with great results. Always ending deca 2-3wks prior to test with never any problems. The reason I was looking into the prop is because I hate the dead time before pct starts! The 21 days is brutal for me. I figured endin with prop would help Maybe with the mental aspect as well as maybe harden up a bit more. Also, I run des with my pct so its kind of a win win. I duno it was just a thought I had been throwing around but figured I needed a more experience point of view. Thanks again.


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