Mechadol Cycle

  1. Mechadol Cycle

    I am getting ready to start a Mecahbol Cycle.

    I'm going on vacation out of the country on May 2nd. I was thinking about doing a 6 week cycle, starting on March 24. This would put me at 6 weeks through May 2nd into the 5th. So I would still be cycling on vacation. I don't want to lose my gains right before or start PCT during that time. Any suggestions on timing would be lovely.

    2 Weeks Out:

    Vitamin C
    CEL Cycle Assist

    Week 1- 25mg
    Week 2- 50mg
    Week 3- 50mg
    Week 4- 50mg
    Week 5- 50mg
    Week 6- 50mg

    Vitamin C
    CEL Cycle Assist

    Week 1- 20mg
    Week 2- 20mg
    Week 3- 20mg
    Week 4- 20mg

    Creatine 5mg
    Vitamin C

    If you have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. if u do the math youd be cycling on vaca or in pct if u start cycle alittle earlier. y not start now

  3. I thought I would look better on vacay while cycling. I don't want to have the depression and what now while in pct.

  4. well ur looking at 10 weeks of cycling.

  5. I see what your saying. I'm cycling whether I'm on Mecha or on Nolva. I think taking Mecha on vacay will be easier than a peptide. I'll wait to time it that way. Thanks for helping me run that through. How does the cycle look? Dosage and what not? I know most go up to 75mg-100mg. Seems like an over-kill to me.

  6. you are very underdosed. i ran up to 125mgs on my mechabol run. 100mg was a good feeling as well...

  7. How would you dose it over 6 weeks?

  8. 50
    125 or 100 depending on sides

  9. Thanks for the advice. I'll start at 50mg and see how I feel after the week.


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