PH timing

  1. PH timing

    Ive been wondering for a while about PH dose timing. Does anybody know if its better for short lived PH like epistane (6h half life) to be dosed through out the day up to 6h before bed time and then say take DAA before going to bed as a way to prevent shutdown? Would it affect gains? Is it even worth the trouble?

  2. DAA doesn't prevent anything.

    Dose your PHs appropriate to their half life. If you are using 30mg a day of EPI then dose 1/1/1 at the appropriate intervals. It shouldn't be much trouble to take pills throughout your day, and with oral steroids i would recommend adhering to the half life.

  3. Hey bud do u know anything about decabolic.. Im about to start my cycle.. I wanna get bigger arms and get a little lean what can I do so it can work fast?? It's an injectable steroid

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