Legit Nizoral? Also Legit Proscar/Propecia?

  1. Legit Nizoral? Also Legit Proscar/Propecia?

    I ordered Nizoral 2% from Canada Pharmacy about 3months ago, I don't think it's done too much for hairloss... Maybe its fake??

    the shampoo is pink
    came in a fairly small white bottle
    is this real?

    and also...
    are the Propecia/Proscar products availble from Canadian Online Pharmacies legitimate?
    are there any legitimate sites to save money on these products?

  2. I got some Nizoral 2% from the store.   I got the smaller bottle and use it twice a week.  I didn't have much loss to start with, but noticed greasy forehead.  The Nizoral helped in that regard.  Don't know much about the other two.

  3. I order from Canadian online pharmacies, they're legit. Why would they send you fake stuff?

    Nizoral by itself probably won't do much for hair loss for most people. You need some Spiro. Talk to Dio if you have hair loss probs.

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