Anyone heard of EST??

  1. Anyone heard of EST??

    Gym owner is getting rid of all PH/DS that have been banned just to get then off his self. He currently has 3 products by EST marked down to 10-15 bucks a bottle. Products include:

    17-Methyl Bol
    Phera- Vol
    Methyl Vol

    Couldn't find much online about these except it seems EST fell off the map when the bans hit. Anyone have any exp with these??

  2. Est was popular for propadrol. They were legit.

  3. I have a bottle of their hemadrol in my closet

  4. Jump all over that PHERA dude!

  5. He just marked the prices back up to 30
    A bottle but still, 30 isn't bad for legit phera and SD.



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