How can you stand the taste of Nolva / Clomid?

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  1. Depends on where you get it from. Some companies flavor it and some mix it with a distilled water.

    For the ones that use the ethanol, I squirt it under my tongue then immediately chase with water.

  2. why don't you mix it with pop or juice?
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  3. Chase it with OJ
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  4. Mixed my doses with orange carrot juice yesterday, so much better. Still nasty but not comparable

  5. You get used to it
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  6. Why is nobody talking about mixing it with something else? If you pour OJ in your mouth, hold your head back and squirt the clomid/nolva in, why in the **** wouldn't you just squirt it in the cup and then shot gun it? What am I mixing it with water or juice a well known "no-no" in the PCT world or something?


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