So I am currently taking winstrol at a low dosage of 10mg twice daily for 7 weeks.(I am one week in) I am also cycling clen 2weeks on 2weeks off. Taking a tribulus that I find works really well for me. Then all your standard vitamins, glucosamine, fish oils, and milk thistle. My question is has anyone ever ran halo extreme with winstrol? If so what was the results and sides?

I have done lots of research and they seem perfectly fine to run together just haven't been able to find anyone who has done it. Also I know its common here that people think taking orals without running test is like a dick with no balls but I have done it before with a tribulus and Eblocker and it worked really well. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated good or bad.

5"11 height
22 age
not my first cycle.

Purpose of cycle. Maintain body weight or go up don't care as long as I don't go down while dropping body fat and increasing strength.