Question about Tren

  1. Question about Tren

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board and this is my first post. As with Deca, is Tren calorie-specific. I am using the BodyOpus diet with Igf-1 r3, T-400/Prop, Tren, Clen, ECA, and will soon be adding Winstrol 100mg ED. I was wondering, since I am calorie deficient right now, if the Tren receptor would even help with hardening up...I have used Tren many times before for contest prep, but never to this extreme of calorie depletion. If not for the T-400, I think I would waste away...Good thing for Lasix...Just curious if any one has an opinion. I may use Primo from Turkey if I feel the results are lacking..and save the Tren for a rainy day...

  2. hum, Tren calorie-specific 2. Igf-1 r3, T-400/Prop, Tren, Clen, ECA 3.Winstrol 100mg ED

    1. all gear is calorie-specific in that your diet is what gives you results.
    2.what dosages ? , both eca and clen or alteranting
    3. do you have issues with your liver? not to mention your jionts?

    I don't mean to be a wise ass but this post came out sounding bad. can you please post your stats, cycle history, and cycle details ?

  3. 1. True diet is everything...but certain steroids do wonders when a diet it seriously restricted...such as primo...2. As far as eca and clen are concerned..yes and no...I use clen for two weeks and go off and dosages vary....eca on alternate weeks totally depends on how I am feeling as well as looking...Tren dosages is usually 225 to 300 mg a week. Igf dosages are around 50 mcg and only cycle it for 4 weeks on/off3.No liver panel problems as of last blood test...joints always hurt (part of the game)...I have used steroids....since I was 25...I am now 32. I usually use 2 to 3 cycles a year with a possible bridge. Stats....226lbs...last bf% was 8.3%. Uh...5'8"...I am experimenting with different diets using basically I in a nut-shell my question is...Tren or no Tren.

  4. Yes to the tren, about the most anti carbolic steroid of them all. Also a lot of people don't think of this but Dbol is almost as good at conserving lean mass. People alway think of the bloat and forget how anti carbolic it is. Sorry that I didn't take you as a vet, the post read like it was a lot of gear (the 100mg winnny still give me concern) be safe bro.

  5. Hey thanks Skye...yeah the Winni is alot...I have always taken 50 mg ed but I just bought Stan 100 by QV...I am thinking of cutting the dose by 1/ least I get a crap load of Winstrol. Cool this will save me money in not buying the Primo....oh and by the way...You are totally right about the amazing at retaining LBM...Next cutting cycle I want to try the whole Arnold Primo/D-bol cycle...once again thanks...and as always...saftey is always the biggest issue...just trying the whole Igf thing and experimenting.

  6. I agree, that's a lot of winny. Although I've never tried it...yet...I would think your joints would be dry as hell.


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