Sledge's pro-sust,Dbol, & 1test cycle

  1. Sledge's pro-sust,Dbol, & 1test cycle

    1st off let me say I am 28yrs. old.I have worked out my whole life on & off with athletics, but the last 2.5 years seriously. I have had a couple set backs in the 2.5 years: I cought pnemonia(spelling) & had a close death that kept me out of the gym for a month or so each.I started at 156lbs 2.5years ago.

    Right now I am in week 5 of sledge's pro-sust at 1200mg wk, I am on week 3 of Dbol at 30mg/day,(1st week was 20mg/day)I have 2 weeks counting this week of the D-bol left. I am also on week 2 of T-1pro at 6 squirts twice a day.I have some of sledge's 1 test cyp that I will probably induce in about 2-3 weeks. my wife is currently pregnant & we have to avoid conctact & she is due in 4 weeks so i want to be able to handle my baby.I am 5'8" & started the cycle at 175lbs. & am now at 183lbs.Strength kicked in 2 weeks ago.I plan on running this into mid Jan. or at the end of Jan.I am starting to look softer & a lot of my definition is leaving.I have Nolva on hand to be safe & for PCT I will use Nolva,v12creatine,ZMA, & milk thistle..I like the aggression I have in the gym, easy to keep focused.Here are some pics. I would like to thickin up my chest a little more & add to my bi's(hardest muscle for me to get to grow).In the spring(april) I plan to do a cutting cycle of which I have not made up my mind yet. I have educated myself for 2 years now about anabolics & think a test,EQ, & winstrol combo are what I am leaning toward.

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  4. measure

    these are my measurements right now,
    Quad:24" was 23"
    calf:16.5" was16"
    chest:43" was 41.5"
    waist:33" was 32.5"
    4arm:13.5" was 12.75"
    bi:15" was 14.5"

  5. wrong forum, guy.

    on a personal note - i suggest you just get your diet in order.

  6. open to suggestions

    right now this is my diet, I have been trying to bulk up since sept.
    meal 1
    1 glass of orange juice
    6 hard boiled egg whites
    1 cup of oatmeal with i can't believe it's not butter spray

    meal 2
    16oz of fat free skim milk
    2 scoops of protein
    1tps of peanut butter
    1/2 cup of oatmeal

    meal 3
    multi vitamin,amino acids
    1/2 pound of lean ground beef
    1 cup of salad w/ oil & vinager dressing

    meal 4
    amino acids
    1 cup salad with oil/ vinager dressing
    1 chicken breast

    meal 5
    same as meal 2

    workout-amino acids
    post work out shake using water

    meal 6
    amino acids
    chicken/steak/or tuna
    with a baked potato
    & a salad with oil & vinager dressing

    on the weekends I usually have a cheat meal, but I'm bulking so I don't expect to be ripped to shreds right now but if u would change anything in my diet then I am open to suggestions.

  7. I also intake 1 gal. of water a day. I work outside so i have to pack everything I eat, & trust me everyone that i work with that rips me for carring around a gym bag & a water cooler pisses me off, but also gives me more drive.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by maverick1.5
    right now this is my diet, I have been trying to bulk up since sept.

    on the weekends I usually have a cheat meal, but I'm bulking so I don't expect to be ripped to shreds right now but if u would change anything in my diet then I am open to suggestions.
    so you've been eating well (as in, amounts that will produce gains) for 3 months? stick to it. you'll grow quick, especially if illness has kept your gains down. whats the rush into roids? have you supplemented previously?
  9. re

    not for sure if I will do a cycle in the spring, I'm thinking about it.I have done a S1+cycle that was my 1st cycle, gained about 10-12 lbs. but lost about 3-4lbs. after i came off(water weight) did a 1ad 600mg a day with a 4ad trans, & gained more lean mass & looked more ripped when I came off.When i was at my best this time last year I caught pnemonia recovered, then did a project for a trainer. we did a 3 month workout plan of cardio & weights 4 times a week. I got to do it for free because he was using me on a paper for school in physical fitness. when I was done i weighted 174lbs. & was at 7.8%BF. coming in my weight was 172lbs & I was close to 10%. right after that I had a close relative die & for a month or so I was very depressed & I could hardly eat; causing me to loose all I had worked for. so over the summer I played a lot of softball, & just tried to keep my diet somewhat clean, but not always, but since august I have been back in the gym working hard. I did not start this cycle until I felt I was close to my strength of were I was. also I walk all day(mail man) so it is hard to keep a lot of weight on my legs, but my strength is good in them, I start off with 135lbs, & do split squats as a warmup, then put 315lbs on for 3 sets of 10 squats. then 10,12,&14 plates on leg of the reasons I might do real gear is the ban. like i said though i am not sure yet. I would really like to get to 190-195 before I do anything, but regardless, in the spring I have to cut to become lighter on my feet for softball.


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