Gym owner pulled some bottles from the back, marked em down to 15-20 bucks a bottle. He sells a ton of PH/DS supps ad he stated he was making room for new inventory. Anyways... Here we go...
All made by EST (engineered sports tech)
17-Methyl Bol
17-Methyl Bol - 50mg (17-hydroxy-6-alpha-methyl-ethyletiocholan-3,20 diol)
Liver Dex - 210mg (Cleansing Matrix) Milk Thistle, Red Beet Root, Black Cohosh Root Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate

Methyl-Vol. (
couldn't find exact labels/chemical compounds for these two.

From what I believe after looking into the three, Phera-Vol= phera plex
Methyl vol= superdrol
17-methyl Bol = methyl 1-A
(Not equaled to, just similar in comparison) Taking that into consideration and with not knowing much of EST, is it worth the risk? Just dropped 275 on my upcoming cycle but wondering if I should stock up now. Anyone ran EST products before? Seems they were popular in the early to mid 2000's but haven't heard anything recently except the three above stated compounds have all be discontinued with the Bans. When I hit the gym, I can get the exact chem make ups and dosages for other two if needed. I'm all about a good deal, just wanna run it passed different people first