So I'm starting my last week of PCT and things are finally getting back to normal. I must say for my first go at PH it has been sort of a nightmare for me, but has it rewards as well. Let me start by laying out my cycle


Nolva: 20/20/10/10

Been on multi, cycle assist, omega3, glucosamine , and taurine 3-5 gms as needed

So the cycle started off pretty good. By second week back pumps were killing me. Even with the taurine they were still bad. After a day of work I'd spend my nights on the couch with heating pad. Ibiprofin and flexeril helped with sleep. However I was getting great gains in the gym and powered through it. By third week I was up about 12lbs and beast mode on all lifts. I was feeling good and started really liking the Epi. Once I hit 45mg on fourth week it was on. Back pumps still sucked but I was getting used to them. Joints a little dry but BP was good. No other sides to speak of. Was up to 210 from 192 so put on 18lbs (diet got a bit dirty 3rd week, couldn't stop eating). Then boom 5 days shy of ending my cycle I got the flu. It sucked stopped epi and began PCT. I was outta commission for 6 days no training, barley eating. This is when all the ****tyness started. In the best way I can describe it PCT sucks. I've felt like a turd for 3 weeks. It's like a never fully recovered from the flu plus the hormonal imbalance and I just didn't feel good at all. Got decent workouts but nothing like when on the epi. I started my erase 5 days ago and today I am finally feeling better. Libido is coming back as is some of the aggressiveness in the gym. Also don't feel like a little girl anymore. Weighed today at 206. So I kept most of my EPI weight 14lbs not bad! I've even leaned out abut since starting the erase. As far as my lifts all have increased drastically. Did 1RM bench today and got 350lbs new PR and up from 315 pre-epi. So all in all I would recommend epi. However after stepping into the PH. If I could do it again I would have gone AAS if a legit source. AAS are regulated RX meds. Same support sips and PCT as a PH so why not. So if your reading this and want to try PH give epi a shot. But I'd rather get a shot! (Of test)