how my halodrol cycle look

  1. how my halodrol cycle look

    Preload cel cycle assist for 2 weeks before. Halodrol for 50/50/75/75/75. Pct is nolvadex 20/20/10/10 and cel pct assist. Also multi vitamin and fish oil all the way through. What kind of gains will I see from this on a bulking diet

  2. You may want to bump up the Hdrol up a bit more depending on how you respond. Doesn't look too bad otherwise. As far as gains, totally depends man. If it's your first cycle 10 lbs is pretty common with Hdrol as a first cycle.

  3. I agree, you definitely want to do something like 50/75/75/75/100/100 or keep it at 75 if you feel lie you're getting the gains you expect. 6 weeks, not 5, you will keep making gains throughout that 6th week. My first HDrol 4DHEA cycle last summer with a high calorie diet gained me 14 lbs, 12 of which I kept. And this was with a daily intense work necessitated cardio routine as well. Just read the hundreds of logs here, especially noting the importance of support supps and correct PCT's, and you should be fine. You better be 23+ though.

  4. It looks really good man. Feel free to add in a 6th week. But honestly this is a mirror image of my first ph. And it was great.

    You might want taurine on hand though for back pumps. I never get bothered by them but they can get rough.

  5. Yeah i'd get another bottle and extend the cycle. Depending on how your body reacts (some people are side effect prone), i'd go

    Gains is also heavily dependent on your diet, training regimen, consistency, patience, and dedication.
    If you give us some more info on your diet and how you plan on working out, we can better judge what your "gains" MIGHT look like. Again though, you never know about gains because every person reacts differently. So it's a very vague guess.

    PCT is important for maintaining gains, because you could possibly lose it if you start slacking or dont stay with it.

    Taurine for back pumps
    vit b6 for acne
    a liver support would be great to have, milk thistle or liv52. I would make that a staple supplement for sure
    You could save money and instead of preloading with Cycle Assist (expensive to preload with), preload with hawthorne berry. The high BP is what you're trying to avoid. Hawthorne berry is fairly cheap compared to cycle assist.
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