using melanotan II with prohormones

  1. using melanotan II with prohormones

    sup guys. i'm a newbie to melanotan II. Ive heard some great things about and am going to be running it during the summer with my cutting cycle. As i said this will be my first time using it so i have a few questions. I found a trusted site where i bought 3 30 mg vials for 98 bucks.

    1. ive read that i have to add bacteriostatic water to the vials to preserve the shelf life. For a 30 mg vial how much bacteriostatic water would i have to add to each vial, and also how much air would i have to add?

    2. Ive read that the vials need to be refrigerated, is that before or after the bacteriostatic water is added?

    3. would using melanotan during the PH cycle affect the PH in any way gains, sides, etc..? thanks guys

  2. Mt2 is a peptide that helps darken skin pigmentation and helps you tan quicker. It has nothing to do with the outcome of any kind of cycle muscularly.
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  3. it also has a libido boosting side effect, this was isolated and is now sold as PT-141

    thing to watchj with MT2 is moles.. i used it and aside from a great tan within 2 weeks i had new dark moles poppin up all over. use it in moderation and dont overdose cause that stuff will hit u all at once.. i went from a white boy to lookin like a mexican to lookin like a sub saharah african within 4 weeks of use lol

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