Trestolone or trenazone

  1. Trestolone or trenazone

    Would you think transdermal trest would be better for a recomp then trenazone? Can't decide between the two.

  2. I've done both. Trenazone is much stronger but has more sides. You really can't get enough transdermal test through your skin to make a huge improvement.

  3. What doseage did you run the trest?

  4. I used Androgel at multiple doses - as high as 14 pumps. That's about equivalent to 125mg of test. Didn't notice any difference compared to 11 pumps a day. Definitely use an AI if you dose it high. But, it didn't compare to Trenazone. TD test does make a decent test base for PH cycles in my opinion, but it's not that useful on its own.

  5. I'm talking about TRESTOLONE aka MENT, not testosterone



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