170lbs target 190lbs
hitting the gym for more than 5 years active.

Im new to the forums, thanks for having me and helping me out!
I just want to check up with you guys what you think of the cycle I started a few weeks ago.
Was recommended as a first cycle by a couple of friends of mine.

once per week:
week 1-6
Sust 250 1ml
deca 100 1ml

week 6-12
Sust 375
deca 100 1ml

My main concern is with the low dosages that they recommend. Some say go sust only, others say leave the deca..
Since Ive bought them I wouldnt want to save them, since Im never going to take deca on its own.
Also Im not that keen on taking more deca on first cycle since not sure what side effects I would have.
Im feeling fine but some ache in balls for 2 days after first shot..

All help appreciated

my target: max gains without ****ing myself up.

ps. Ive got some new stuff (dont remember name) for pct like clomid but more advanced, which I will take 2 weeks after stop of deca and sust to get my own production back and running.