RPN Havoc help?

  1. RPN Havoc help?

    Hey everyone.
    I'm going to be doing my first PH cycle ever soon. I decided to be safe and go with an Epistane clone. Since I'm a beginner, I'd appreciate some help!
    I'm 6'1 175lbs 10% bf. I wanna be around 190, with the same bf%. I don't wanna cut on this PH.
    What do you recommend for an on-cycle and a PCT?
    How long should the cycle be?
    How should I train? High reps/Low reps?
    What should my Diet consist of?
    Thanks guys

  2. no offense but there are tons of epi threads if you take a minute and search
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  3. epistane isnt really a safe first choice , try a dhea base and h drol

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Aznmonk View Post
    epistane isnt really a safe first choice
    whats your reasoning behind that?

  5. its stronger then epistane, if he is seeking something more mild in nature hdrol seems like a better decision. besides he said he wasn't really seeking to cut, overall his post is contradictory in nature

  6. I agree if you are looking for a mild ph and are planning on bulking hdrol is a better decision


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