Which one of the board sponsors had 4ad 100grams $60.00

  1. Which one of the board sponsors had 4ad 100grams $60.00

    I cannot find who had it for that price.

    Thanks SeaHawk22

  2. i guess I was wrong.

  3. I havent heard anyone selling it that cheap.

    I know custom has it for .85 a gram
  4. NutraPlanet

    Try NutraPlanet..I just bought 100gms for $65.

  5. Gracias

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mak90
    Try NutraPlanet..I just bought 100gms for $65.
    I cannot find it on the site.
  7. Forget about NutraPlanet

    I just went back and checked with NutraPlanet. They are out of the 4-AD. That sucks. I wanted to buy more myself.Maybe they will get more in.

  8. ya i see the 1test powder only

  9. mak ignore my private message.


  10. OK

    When I receive a reply from the owner I will post whether they will restock or not.

  11. they are not re-stocking

  12. Thanks. Anybody know of any other sites that stock bulk ph/ps besides custom and bulknutrition?

  13. Custom's got the best deal in town, in stock.

  14. i got me 200g of 4-ad from nutraplanet while they had it in. was fixing to get some more and they pulled a method man and sold out....haha

    if anybody finds anything beating custom's very reasonable prices - please post; we'll all be grateful.

  15. Custom should put some bulk offers allready !

  16. This is a dumb question, but what is custom's link?


  17. customnutritionwarehouse.com

  18. wtf is wrong with me, I donot know how I did not know that, I always think of it as nutrition warehouse.

    lllloooooonnnnngggg day at work


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