I am thinking of this DBol cycle.

  1. I am thinking of this DBol cycle.

    Here is the basic dbol only cycle:
    50mg dbol ed (25mg twice a day)for weeks 1 to 6
    .25 to .5 mg of liquidex ed for weeks 1 to 6
    10mg of nolvadex ED for weeks 1 to 6
    Start PCT week 7 with 40mg of nolvadex ED for two weeks then 20mg ED for another two weeks.

    My question is would the addition of M5AA, be a good choice to help combat with the bloating?

  2. 1) dbol only cycles are generally a bad idea. there are a few guys that can get by with it like Skye for instance, but i've seen it happen at least a dozen times. dbol gains come, dbol gains go as soon as you're off.

    2) even if you do this, stacking dbol with another methyl (m5) is a horrible idea. keep your liver.

    get some test enan and run it at 500mg a week for 12 weeks with dbol during the first 4 weeks. very common first cycle and for good reason, it produces excellent results.

    but like any cycle, the gains will depend on your diet, training, rest, etc. if they're all screwy, don't look into AAS until you get them straight.

  3. Dbol loves me. But I'd say follow it up with the test man. I'm a fan of running the dbol for 6 weeks now too, it really is that good... The test will give you that extra oomph at the end (if you respond well to it, and it's legit)

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