this is what happens you don't rotate

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  1. this is what happens you don't rotate

    i saw this on another board ... this is what happens when inject sust twice a week in the same site for a few weeks .... a horrible, disgusting, infected abcess ..
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  3. how do you know it is from not rotating?being unsterile could cause the same gear or vet gear could cause it.

  4. the kid on the site said he was injecting the same delt 2x a week during the whole cycle ... i think that occurred after 5-6 weeks

  5. Holy ****!...............and Tattoo Torrie is smokin!

  6. Stupid kid. He better go to a doctor or he could be in some real trouble.

  7. goddamn, that's ****ing sick. should have looked at this after breakfast.

  8. That is why when injecting in my delts I always do half a CC especially with the fast acting esters( prop, ace at 50mg or 100mg at a time) If I have to inject a long estered injection I do my quads, they take up to one and a half ccs. But yes, rotating is VERY IMPORTANT!


  9. that's pretty damn nasty. i'd think it was due more to the unsterility of his gear. who knows. it was dumb anyway...

  10. Wow that's like the size of a baseball, he should have done more research

  11. wow, what an idiot. rotating and sterile procedures are so key

  12. [email protected] twice a week causing that. Trust me that definatley is not what caused it. Jabbing twice a week in the same spot is not out of the ordinary. Try using suspension twice a day and not jabbing the same body part twice in a week. I don't know what caused it but it definatley was not from jabbing twice a week.

  13. Whatever it is I want NO part of it.

    Looks like he was ignoring the infection from..Oooh I'd say after the very first inject on week one. Gross, really really gross.

  14. hold on, be right back ( WOOOlF) (WOOOlF) *flush*
    The Ladies Man told me to say "umm, yeah thas' discusting"

  15. Impressive left delt is all I"m seeing

  16. That should conjure up a few threads about people wanting oral only cycles. lol.

  17. Well at least he went outside to snap a photo instead of using ice packs, shooting BA and taking anit biotics lol

  18. he had better drain that pronto.

  19. That's disgusting! Exactly why I'm going to bake everything I get, be as sterile as possible, and have some cephalexin on hand...maybe some penicillin-g, too. Gross....

    I agree w/ JStrong on this one...I don't think it's from not rotating...waiting on dr. d to confirm this one

    edit: How the hell did he let is get so bad???????????????? WTF???????????

  20. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    Impressive left delt is all I"m seeing
    Look kinda like Greg Valentino's, huh?

  21. well it may indeed be from unsterile gear, but typically when people inject sust its more cc's per injection than injecting suspension

    either way its GROSS

  22. I just noticed something and I am going to call BS on this.

    Notice he is wearing a nice white shirt and NO blood on the sleave, not even a little pink. How did he keep his shirt from getting even a LITTLE bit of blood on it?

    What did he do roll up his sleave and then squeeze it to get the photo?

    I am not buying it.

    What do you guys think BS, Photoshop a little of both

  23. possible CROWLER

  24. i dunno it doesn't look photoshopped to me and there are explanations for why there wouldn't be blood on his shirt

    i don't know though

  25. If it is real, this guys a douche. It's not like it got like that overnite. He probably poked the damn thing while it was inflamed rather than hit a different site.


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