1AD or 1Test powder for trans.

  1. 1AD or 1Test powder for trans.

    Any opinions on which one is better. Going to get one of the two.

  2. 1ad is designed to be an oral, a transdermal would be useless. 1-test is just the opposite, very low oral availability but much higher in a dermal. 1-test is the better choice.

  3. 1test is way better for most people. Highly superior to 1ad. IMO, 1ad is trash.

  4. 1AD has to convert into 1-test in order to exert its effects, so why would you waste your time taking 1AD when you can take 1-test directly?

  5. some people have reported they liked 1-ad oral better than 1-test trans ... this in my mind is a result of one of two things
    a) 1-ad has its own anabolic properties aside from the conversion to 1-test (like 4-ad)

    b) 1-ad was their first cycle and they gained more and noticed more results because it was their first foray into ph's

    i'm inclined to think its choice B but i really don't know

  6. I took 1ad for my first ph cycle and gained nothing. Waste of time and money.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    I took 1ad for my first ph cycle and gained nothing. Waste of time and money.
    i gained 17lbs and kept 14. benched 3 more reps at my highest working weight (325lbs). 6 weeks with 1000 cal/day surplus (an increase that previously did not result in a significant increase in bodymass)

    if it's trash then i need to get my big ass into the dumpster. or maybe just move to new jersey...


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