LG SCiences prohormones

  1. LG SCiences prohormones

    are these phs any good and did anyine try these

  2. Not yet, but may in the future. I was offered to log, had to turn down at the time.

  3. Yeah I have been wondering about these new liquid andro prohormones. I don't no if I should try them or go straight into h-drol or m-sten. These new lg sciences prohormones seem like they're to good to be true, just don't know.

  4. honestly they suck, compared to "real" prohomornes (steorids) good for beginners

  5. to each their own.

  6. would androfactory's products be better than these

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 8ATHLETE View Post
    would androfactory's products be better than these
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  8. Lol y'all are trip

    i love lg bringing these out well just 1andro lol

    great for beginners . Can survive with OTC PCT


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