PH for Ectomorph...

  1. PH for Ectomorph...

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    So I'm back training clients this year while taking a break from competing til the fall and I have a full client list of a mixture of goals. One in particular is getting prepared for a cable television show due to begin taping in April and is desperate to gain weight. So far we have added about a pound a week, but he has been lean and fit all his life. A collegiate level gymnastic background at 35yo and 6' even and total weight is 170.
    My question is, which pro hormone or other legal supplement will help him to better reach his goals in the next eight weeks without going to the darkside?

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  2. From what ive read id recommend epistane it is a pretty good ph for recomp, im currently running a log that includes epistane and ostarine and im losing fat while gaining a lot of muscle with a retarded 3500cal diet (25/50/25).

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