M-drol + Halotestin stack, advice?

  1. M-drol + Halotestin stack, advice?

    This is what I was planning on running for my cycle:

    On Cylce
    m-drol: 20/30/30/30
    Halotestin: 10/10/10
    Cycle support
    Himalaya liver care
    Fish oil

    Post Cycle:
    Clomid: 50/50/25/25
    fish oil
    more liver care???

    I'm, 20 yrs old, 6'0", 180, very low bf % (haven't ever "officially" measured it) and have been training seriously for 3 years.
    My diet is clean and i consume about 3000-4000 calories a day.
    My goal is to increase weight by 5-8lbs and increase strength as well.
    Current lifts (that i care about):
    Bench 225 x 10
    Squat: 335 x 5
    Power Clean: 275 x 1

    Any advice on my cycles duration/supplements/dosage would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

  2. poor first cycle, id say way too young. at your age taking halotestin you'll probably kill someone at school.

  3. what is poor about it, besides your concerns about my age?

  4. Ur stacking really harsh compounds. No test. If u researched at all you would see everyone trying to prevent beginners from doing **** like this. Wait at least another year. Scrap this cycle and start over.

  5. I'm looking for advice on my cycle, not to scrap the whole thing. For example, I was not sure whether to stack halotestin with mdrol because they are both methylated and have the potential to tear up my liver. Obviously it is a mistake to do this also in part because theres no test base in my cycle. Based on experience, would you say running just mdrol alone would make this cycle more acceptable?

  6. Research homie, do more research. You can type mdrol or sd into the search bar and answer all these questions without having to post. These compounds have been around for years, every question you have has been asked and answered here.

  7. do yourself a soilid, leave the halotestin alone. it will just make you snap and you being new i wouldn't try it. i wouldnt even touch it myself.

  8. BRO. Please listen. Mdrol is a serious no no for ur first run even at age 30. Do people do it anyway? yes. Do a lot of them fk themselves up? yes. Get ready for extreme lethargy, back pumps, high blood pressure, messed up lipids, a likely low libido, etc. You wouldnt know how to handle all this **** at once. Scrap the cycle. If you purchased either already, Id say ur maturity level tells me ur not ready for steroids more than ur age does. Ur 20. But if u must cycle look into mild compounds like hdrol...ive gained 25 plus pounds in 8 weeks on it side effect free...

  9. SD with no test base....ouch! SD at that age and maturity level....yikes!

  10. I appreciate the advice i've gotten so far and as for experience i'm not "brand" new to this. This would be my second cycle, my first coming from h-drol with no side effects. What doesn't make since to me is how i've been bashed for being immature about this when i'm doing the more mature thing by asking more experienced users for their advice before starting. I'm not doing this on a whim or out of stupidity, i'm doing it because i'm in the army and i also play rugby and want to excel in both. The only reason i ever considered halotestin is because i had to order more supplements to meet the minimum order value from where i am buying. If there's any advice you have on how to make my cycle more suitable for my age and circumstance please let me know. It's just as easy to give helpful advice as it is to tell me to go find it somewhere else.

  11. This is my new plan (subject to change based on experienced input)

    One week prior to cycle:
    Liver care
    cycle support
    fish oil
    multi vit

    On Cylce
    m-drol: 20/20/20/20
    Cycle support
    liver care
    Fish oil

    Post Cycle:
    Nolvadex 20/20/10/10
    Liver care
    Post cycle assist (Better suggestions for keeping test and libido healthy?)
    fish oil

    Two weeks following PCT:
    post cycle assist
    fish oil

    any input is welcome. thanks

  12. Ur 20, but if ur going ahead w it regardless I have a couple suggestions from experience. 1. SuperDrol messes w prolactin in some people (me included) and bc of that I always recommend clomid over nolva. 2. I'd start at 10mg just to see how u react. It rocks the **** outta some people. Good luck man and be smart about it

  13. Looks like you've got your heart set. 174 lbs at your height... I wish I could go back to when I was your proportions and lift and eat the way I do now. Anyway... get some blood tests done a couple weeks after to make sure you're checking out medically and all. Halo is like a capstone steroid. It's something you take at the end of your cycling career when nothing else gives you strength gains anymore and you're looking to squeeze out one more PR. Guys put together all the experience and knowledge of their careers into handling stuff like halo and anadrol. So I'm glad you took it out. That said, keep in mind that SD (M-drol) is going to be just about as rough on your liver. A dozen years ago every kid diving in early like you knew that test was the safest way to go. Now you're all concerned about legality that you're risking some serious liver/hdl/etc effects for about the same gains. I thought the newer generations were getting smarter, maybe they're just becoming more impatient. Check your levels, no drinking, and let us know how it goes.

  14. First ill start by saying this.... SD + halotestin with no test base = complete shutdown for pretty much every anabolic steroid user ever. My point being, what's the point if running trib and ZMA on cycle? To many new guys do this and just piss money down the drain. Research and save that sh$t for your PCT. natural/ herbal OTC test boosters will do nothing for you while youre expierencing any type of shutdown from Halodrol to SD. Look at it logically, if this was possible to prevent shutdown with OTC test boosters, why then would we need a perscription drug (clomid, tamoxifen, torrem) in order to kick start natty test production during PCT after cycle? They do nothing on cycle and simply aid in returning to homeostasis during PCT alongside a serm. If they did jack sh$t we wouldn't need SERMS. If you already bought it, save for PCT. if you haven't, save the cash and buy some tudca/ UDCA for liver support with this cycle you appear to be hell bent on running. You're 20 and should have high test levels. Unless you have bloods to prove low t, you shouldn't be messing with steroids and the problem isn't with the compounds you are running, rather in your nutrition and training/ effort.

  15. You're too young, but obviously you're going to do this anyway. I probably started too early and I was 24, but only because sometimes I think maybe I should've had more serious training under my belt.

    Anyway my 2 cents is if you really want to use the halotestin pulse it on workout days. Take the 10 you would be taking about an hour before your workout, should be sick. With the harshness of both these compounds I would get SAM-E and TUDCA for liver support if what you're gonna take doesn't have them, those both have medical trials backing their effectiveness for liver support. If you start to piss brown or get any crazy sides then stop taking the halo immediately, if you are still getting the sides then stop everything and start PCT. Good luck I hope it goes well bro.
    "Lifting and Game of Thrones share the same calendar, there's only two seasons: cutting and bulking. And guess what? Winter's comin' so it's time to bulk up!"
    -Dom Mazzetti

  16. So.... I dont know if this is where i should post this but I know some of you were interested in hearing how the cycle went so I'm gonna lay it out for you. First what I cycled
    On cycle:
    Mdrol- 20,20,30
    fish oil
    animal pack multi
    Cycle support
    Himalaya liver
    Vitamin c
    Trib and ZMA (I had enough to run on cycle and post cycle)

    You'll notice there is no Halotestin and i only ran mdrol for 3 weeks. I did this because i was satisfied with my gains after three weeks and didn't want to take it longer than i had to.

    I now weigh between 189-190 which is about a 10lb increase (i ate like a pig. but still healthy). All of my lifts increased. Bench: 275 5x Squat 365 5x. everything went up but i dont want to list everything cause honestly, no one cares.

    Side affects experienced were minimal. I got pretty sick but only sore throat and a cough/congestion. Most likely was from season changes because a lot of people around me got sick. No acne problems. Did notice increased aggresion around the third week. Also started to get back pumps at the end of the third week.

    Im now starting my post cycle and it looks like this:

    Liquid nolva: 20,20,20,20
    Fish oil
    Animal pack multi
    vitamin c
    i'll also finish my cycle support? or is that not recommended?

    Anyways, you all helped shape my cycle to work for me and i got the results i wanted. Now i need to keep my gains and keep working to improve. As of now, no serious side affects that i feel need attention. Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for all the help and if there is anymore advice about post cycle or anything else that may be helpful, please share


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