Newbie that needs advice...Appreciate it!

  1. Newbie that needs advice...Appreciate it!

    Okay, I'm new and the research is exhausting but I'm keeping up.

    I'm ready to start taking an clen and then after I want to start my first cycle of something...

    I keep hearing about Dbol but it looks like that is not the best for me to start with, correct?

    I want to boost my test so it sounds like test-e is the best?

    #1 question...where is the best place to go to get it?

    I am 6 5 and am pretty tolerant to just about everything...thanks!

  2. age? history? etc..... delete the other thread
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  3. Im not sure how to delete the other I said...newbie...sorry.

    31 6 foot 5 270

    Ex-player that has been hitting diet and lifting hard in the last year. Went from 240 to 400 in 3 years...Went from 400 to 270 in 2 years.

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