1. 19 DHEA

    I was just wondering the effectiveness of this compound thats in the max bulk product by androfactory along with the 300mg of 4 dhea


  2. If dosed high enough, like 2-3x rec dosage, should be nice.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    If dosed high enough, like 2-3x rec dosage, should be nice.
    What could one expect if dosed that high? I kno you were tryin some diff dhea types recently so some elaborating would be dope. Im still tryin to grasp the effectiveness of some of these.

  4. it'll depend on how experienced, or inexperienced you are.

    experienced, you'll be able to notice the subtle, minor changes.

    inexperienced, you'll also be able to notice what will prob seem like drastic changes.

    those in between will think it's garbage, and doesn't work, and there will prob be those who it doesn't work for.

    one thing to remember, they aren't methylated oral compounds, nor are they injectable compounds. they are pro hormones taken orally.

  5. thanks guys can i throw in 1 andro in their


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