May cycle... getting prepped

  1. May cycle... getting prepped

    long time lurker (6 yr), first time poster. after avoiding the dangers of PH's throughout high school/college when my dumba$$ friends were practically shoving them in my face, i think i'm about ready for a cycle at 23 (would start in may after MCAT). wanting to start (relatively) mild, so thinking 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallo-cholan-17b-ol/epistane. Seen many logs over the years, most were positive. would probably dose 20-20-30-30 (maybe 40 last week if it felt right) late afternoon before evening workout. would pre-cycle 2 weeks liver supps, along with glucosamine. glucosamine and cycle support during, liquid toremifene citrate after (most seem to prefer this over nolva). obviously a strict diet during ~4000cal and no alcohol. goal for the cycle would be to gain 6-10 lbs lean mass. seeing as that I have a couple of months to decide/prepare/purchase everything, was wanting to get some input from some site vets. thanks.

  2. At 5'9" 150lbs that's a horrible idea. Make more gains naturally and use anything else to push past that.
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  3. was expecting that reply. was a runner in high school and have worked my ass off for 5 years to get to where I'm at. regardless, I understand the concern and appreciate the reply.

  4. It doesn't take five whole years to get to 150, even if you started at 105. From the age of 18 to 23, you could easily have added 40-50lbs of LBM, not to mention the other weight that comes with adding vast amounts of muscle.

    If you're still gonna do it, I'd go six weeks. It doesn't kick in until the end of week three. I've ran it twice, it really likes me. Both times I put on about 10lbs and kept 8. Makes you pretty damn strong, too. Don't skimp on supports and such.
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  5. So many have the new school approach. I ran 20mg of dmz/ 20mg of m-sten for my first cycle. Grew like a damn weed and kept my gains through proper PCT. I have runner collegiate track athletes who have spent so long running/staying lean that they too have issues packing on pounds after their careers are over. If you think you have a solid base, run it. Be safe, strict diet/ routine/ PCT and get your hands on a serm. Light cycle or not, do it like its a harsh compound to ensure safety. Halo is a good beginner compound but if you want epi, run it. This is a forum of guys typing on keyboards and tho some know their stuff... A lot are guys who have been following and learning so they are quick to toss out suggestions they prob don't follow/ do for themselves. Run that s%it and kill it

  6. And I would recommend halo for first cycle. Or run your epi for 6 weeks. Your call

  7. man, tough crowd. I'm not going to post my workouts for the past 4 years but every pound has been a struggle. I understand the bashing of 16-18 year olds that come on here all the time but a 23 year old asking some questions?

  8. I edited my previous post to be more helpful. It's your call, man. I just think you could give alternatives a try.
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  9. Did you not read my post brother!? Haha I'm takin your side, threw down so knowledge describing I know what you're going through and added some helpful tips/ suggestions! Run that ****!!

  10. You know your body better than anyone, but 4000 cals seems like a lot for your current weight and goals. I'm a very hard gainer and that's what I take in on a bulk, at 30 lbs heavier. Epi is where a lot of guys got there feet wet. Make sure your diet and training are on point and run it and kill it.

  11. ^agree. 4k cals is way too much. If you ate 4k a day for several months you could easily throw on 15-20lbs natty

  12. Also just a heads up Epi raped my hairline... I hated it. I had a much better time with Hdrol


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