Contact has AAS, says from Novartis Labs?

  1. Contact has AAS, says from Novartis Labs?

    This is company reputable? I am willing and able to pay over half a grand to get proper product, but one thing I am not willing to do is waste money & tamper with my success over a improperly functioning product.

    Googled couldnt find much, besides Novartis being a big time EU distributor. What little I did find was disturbing, as apparently there is Canadian based copycat company distributing in their name. And that doesn't leave a great taste in my mouth.

    If this is fake/unreputable brand please let me know and offer your opinion, I am to notify him if I am interested in the next several days and it's quite an expensive transaction.

    Also, I do know of ways to tell if AAS are real which I posted on here before, but wasting my time and $$$ is unthinkable.

    Thank you
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  2. No matter what you buy... If you get a strange/disturbed feeling.... Steer away. Words of wisdom I've used and never have received a bunk batch of anything. If you look hard enough, you will find legit sources. Sourcing is banned on most forums, but some have it and others will PM you what you need.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful honest advice. I'm still in the process of facilitating my purchase and hopefully before too long I'll make some connections that are trustworthy. I am highly skeptical by nature and pretty scrupulous when it comes to online transactions, which my intuition tells me is a good thing, but at the same time it's difficult to ascertain who is legit and who is fronting.

    Mostly I'd trust someone with fairly reasonable prices, too low sets off a flag. Considering my IRL contact is charging almost 600$ for an average cycle, either he's legit with the real deal, or I'm getting truely suckered. Sufficient to say that it would suck to scare off a potentially excellent source by being too picky and paranoid though.

    Decisions, decisions.
    Functional Training Hell Workout (An Offday/Cardio Workout!)

  4. I'm the same way brother. In person, that's the way to go. When it comes to PayPal and online transactions... That's where I start researching.

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