puffy and sensitive nipples on tren/ test

  1. puffy and sensitive nipples on tren/ test

    Is that bad or just suck it up

  2. No that's not good, have u taken tren before or this the 1st

  3. This is my second time did it last yr. I got some ldex that my buddy got me he said it aint novedex but do the job

  4. If you are using tren you need something like caber to combat prolactin from tren. I'm no expert but tren is a 19nor compound which can cause prolactin gyno, nolva won't stop that if anything can make it worse as it makes the receptors more sensitive to prolactin.

    Then again you can do with and AI for the test and something to combat prolactin like caber, there are a few others which someone else can chime in with the names or you can do some more research. what you may be experiencing could be from high estrogen or prolactin.

  5. Im using tren 500 a week and test 350 u think mite be to much tren



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