epistane cycle

  1. epistane cycle

    Hey guys i am about to run a 7 week epi cycle and wanted to know how it sounded. im going to run it 30/30/30/40/40/40/50 spreading my doses evenly throught the day. Im a experienced PH user. i was going to run fishoil for joint support while running milk thistle everyday with cranberry pills for kidney. My post was going to be p6 by cellucor for my test booster and i was going to do 4 weeks of novadex with that. I was just wondering how this cycle sounded. Let me know if theres anything i should add

  2. Supports? PCT?

    Max 8 weeks on this stuff, any longer you will experience diminishing returns..

  3. My pct was gonna be p6 by cellucor with 4 weeks of nova and I was gonna run milk thistle as a support with some cranberry for kidneys

  4. novadex or nolva for pct?

  5. Novadex

  6. soniamdissapoint.gif

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  7. /fail

  8. hahaha^^^ bro your stats dictate you dont need epi

  9. Lmao at onionknight..

    Yeah you need to inform yourself a lot more buddy about proper cycling & stuff

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