Critique this cycle.. please -

Critique this cycle.. please

  1. darius
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    Smile Critique this cycle.. please

    How does this cycle look? What would you change?

    I'm 6'3", 220lbs, and not ripped but not fat.

    Goals: Mass & Strength 6 Weeks
    400mg 19-Nor (week 1-6) trans

    20mg Superdrol (week 1-2) tabs

    30mg Superdrol (week 3-6) tabs

    200mg 4AD (week 3-6) trans

    Supplements on cycle:

    ON 100% Whey (post workout)

    GF Pro Whey (pre workout)

    L-Arginine (morning, workout, night)

    L-Lysine (morning, workout, night)

    Multivitamin (morning)

    Vendetta (workout)

    Pro Liver (3 capsules at night)

    H20 – Plenty of it


    7 eggs with whole wheat bread and milk or

    whole wheat cereal with ON Whey and milk or

    natty pb, whole wheat, and milk

    [arginine, lysine, steroids, multivitamin]

    work: 9am-6pm


    metrx bar with water- 320 cals, 27g protein, 48g carbs


    lean chicken with brown rice, apple, and water or

    lean cusine with chicken breast


    2 fat natty pb whole wheat sandwiches or

    metrx bar

    6:30pm (pre workout)

    1 natty pb white bread sandwich with GF Pro whey (1 scoop)

    7pm (workout)

    [arginine, lysine, vendetta]

    8:10pm (post workout)

    1 scoop ON Whey with lean chicken and white or brown rice or

    1 scoop ON Whey with lean chicken and pasta or with whole wheat bread



    1 cup of low fat cottage cheese with a scoop of chocolate ON Whey and a cup of milk

    [arginine, lysine, pro liver]

    sleep: 12am – 7:30am

    Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
    Full body HST Weight Training 3 days / week

    Monday, Friday
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (cardio)

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    the nor dose might be a little low but looks pretty good.
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    Why not 4ad the whole time?

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    Your almost my exact size and age and everything, cool.

    Personally I'd run a 4ad trans + superdrol cycle.

    then later a 19 nor + superdrol cycle.
    4ad and 19 nor serve the same purpose in this cycle.(making it wet)
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    Sledge said that 19nor would go great with Superdrol for mass, a cycle with both those would rock sh**. I agree, save the 4ad. That would make the cycle too damn wet. If you can get ahold of some more 19nor I would and up the dose to 600mg after the first week or so.
  6. darius
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    "the nor dose might be a little low but looks pretty good."

    I took 400mg cause it was the lowest recommeded dose to use. So stacked with 2 other things, I thought 400mg a day should be fine. Also, many of the people who got really good results on their 19-Nor cycles used 400mg and 200mg of 4-AD.

    "Why not 4ad the whole time?"

    I really just wanted to use 4-AD to help with the libido problems (the extra mass would be nice too of course). Superdrol should have the libido covered for a while, but I really don't think it can for the full 6 weeks (maybe it can, who knows?) so the 4-AD can come in towards the last 2 weeks. It's convenient also, to just use it for 4 weeks cause I just bought a small bottle of 4derm and it will last 4 weeks at 200mg a day.

    "I agree, save the 4ad. That would make the cycle too damn wet."

    I don't think it would be too bad, especially stacked with Superdrol which has anti-e characteristics. The Superdrol will dry it up a bit. I can always throw in a small dose of Nolva if it gets too wet.

    Just waiting for the Superdrol and I will start my cycle.
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    Looks good and keep eating EAT EAT EAT
  8. darius
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kont0L
    Looks good and keep eating EAT EAT EAT
    Eating big has never been a problem for me. I remember when I was little and I was at CiCi's pizza with my grandparents, my grandma got mad at the owner and me, cause the owner called me an "eating machine". I could eat 10k calories a day if I had that much food, but of course that would be too costly and I'd probably get really fat.
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    I don't like the SuperDrol in your stack. I think you need to eliminate it and ship your supply to me so you're not tempted to use it.


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