Hdrol results pros and cons

  1. Hdrol results pros and cons

    Hello am members!
    I am posting this thread of my results and the pros and cons of my cycle of ph's (so please don't leave any negative feedback because of my choice to use ph"s

    Hdrol 75/75/75/100/125
    Epitren 30/30/30/30/30
    Milk thistle
    Body fortress nos blast preworkout
    Men's ultra vitamins
    Whey protein

    Pros: incredible gains "my opinion"
    All around great feeling.
    Great complements on muscles
    Great workouts
    Temporarily low libido
    Slight testes shrinkage "overnight it's like they were renewed"
    First week I had slight back pumps "went away though
    Bench max starting off again wAs 205 2 times
    End of cycle max was 265 once.

    Went from squaring 280 to 315.

    Curling 35"stimes to curlin 45"s 15!times

    I am not suggesting that these results work with everyone by and means. I wouldn't suggest it because of the negative side effects some people may experience.)

    I took pictures of before and after and is defeniatky different in a positive way.

    I have so much more to tell about these ph's but such little time.

    Please don't comment if your going to leave negative comments, I know what I was doing and I know what I wasn't doing right."but my choices are mine"

    Positive results by far but not taking this again. All natural from here on out.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. You'll never be "natural" now that you've delved into the world of designer steroids. However, seems like you had great progress, what were you starting stats and ending stats in terms of weight, bf%? Did you cut any bf%?
    How did you tailor your diet towards it (macros, cals?), what was your training split.

    post the pics?
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  3. You have "Test" listed as one of your supplements. Can you clarify that for me, I'm assuming you mean some kind of test booster?

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