?Beastdrol/Fina 1-Andro/Endosurge?

  1. ?Beastdrol/Fina 1-Andro/Endosurge?

    I have seen 3 threads regarding stacking beastdrol and 1 Andro. I plan on bridging the two. With having a QUESTION regarding throwing endosurge in the mix.

    Weeks 1-2 - Beast @ 20mg
    Weeks 3-4 Beast @20mg
    Weeks 3-6 1-Andro 2 caps daily
    Formasurge - weeks 4-7 ????
    PcT - clomid / pct Black / get swole stack 7-10!!!

    Input on Formasurge dosage and when in cycle. And bridge??????

  2. Bump. Formasurge not Endosurge

  3. Bump. Formasurge not Endosurge

  4. I think the formasurge would be overkill. Am I right with that pct black has 6-oxo in it?

    clomid 6oxo and formasurge would be way too much

  5. stats dude u look fat

  6. I'm 6ft. 210 currently.

    I am now slowly dosing beastdrol 10mg + 2 pod of Formasurge. In 1 week I will start my 1andro with 1 week left of beastdrol. and bp to 4 pps a day. Probably wont need serm. We shall see


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