first time cycle advice for strength and recovery

  1. first time cycle advice for strength and recovery

    Ok guys, I have a few questions I am hoping to get answered by some knowledgeable people. I know some of you will just say "do some research", but I have been at it for months and feel just as lost, if not more so, than before. I am a 25 year old olympic weightlifter (for fun only, I DO NOT compete), who is looking to take something a little "extra" to help my recovery and strength so I can train more often and not get burned out. I came to o-lifting from powerlifting about 9 months ago, and 25 is really late to start in this sport and do anything great, so I figured I would just do it for fun, but still wish to push myself as hard as possible and see what I can do. I have read info on the Bulgarians, who are famous for their absolute dominance back in the 80's in olympic lifting, and it says they basically took d-bol, or test, at pretty low doses (I am assuming so they could take it longer to benefit from enhanced recovery). I have also read about lifters from other countries and it seems the most popular choices are hgh, var, test prop, or some combo of them. I have been lifting for ten years and have never taken any steroids, prohormones, etc. If anyone can help me out on what I could take for a first time cycle, possibly info on the lowest doses to take to be effective on recovery, but not gain a bunch of weight, etc., it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Stats: 25 y.o. (26 in Oct)
    5'4, 123 lbs (yes, I'm quite small lol) I powerlifted in 123 class and would prefer not to gain much weight just in case I ever decide to return to powerlifting

    Current lifts: Snatch 93 kilos (204 lbs)
    Clean & Jerk 110 kilos (242 lbs)
    Back Squat 140 kilos ( 308 lbs)

  2. are you open to illegal stuff? or are you more interested in the legal alternative orals?

    btw var sucks, and hgh is extremely hard to find on black market

  3. I could go either way. Obviously the less than legal stuff is going to work better and most likely be a little safer than prohormones and other legal stuff, so I'm open to it. I know a guy that can get legit stuff so it's not really a problem.

  4. well then you might wanna just look into a smple test e or c cycle for 10-12 weeks for first runner. normally, id tell you to go look into tren A and anadrol with test, but thats a bit extreme for a first cycle. tren is no joke. you can also try anavr, but its expensive to run it at a good dose

    if youre hardcore, you can also pin test suspension. but thats the biggest pain in the ass.

    im just listing off steroids for pure strength purposes btw

  5. thanks for the suggestions, I will look into the test e and c. Would it be wise to take a smaller dose than typically recommended, since I am not concerned with mass gains, and because I'm just a smaller guy in general?

  6. For strength alone halotestin is absolutely fantastic stacked with test prop as a base or something like that. But I wouldn't recommend this for you as a first time user, but might want to keep in mind for a couple years down the road.

    I'd run test for your first cycle and see how you respond. Make sure you plan it well and have a pct.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    are you open to illegal stuff? or are you more interested in the legal alternative orals?

    btw var sucks, and hgh is extremely hard to find on black market

    Var doesn't suck especially for a guy that's 123lbs. Yeah it's expensive and you need a good source but it is good for strength gains especially for a guy at his size.


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