One step next from epistane.

  1. One step next from epistane.

    Hey guys just about to finish a 4 week cycle of epistane and i gotta say i loved it! and i also like the dry gains also. I wanna try something else above epistane and is it ok for me to start another 4 week cycle after epi or just go straight into pct? any suggestions on something above epi? trying to stay away from sd that stuff sounds scary hahahaha.

  2. Go straight in to pct and art your body recoup plan out your next cycle and run it down the line. Epi is a great compound glad you enjoyed it. I am planing an epi tren cycle for April and can't wait

  3. A lot of people run Epi for 5 to 6 weeks. If you wanted to extend your current cycle, you could buy more of the same.

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