Starting next ph cycle

  1. Starting next ph cycle

    Hey everyone im new to the forums and wanted someone to check out my next ph cycle which will be my second cycle!

    Im going to order some Morph from black diamond supplements it has halodrol at 50mg and METHYLSTENBOLONE at 10mg

    Week 1-2
    AI Life support

    Week 3-7
    AI life support
    Morph (recommend dosage)

    Week 8-12
    Ai post cycle therapy
    E-control rx

    Do I really need a serm considering that neither ph aromitizes into estrogen?

  2. yes now go get a serm

  3. Would clomid at 50 mg be best?

  4. What was your first cycle? Unless you respond really really well, you're likely to not see much results off of thar. 50 mg hdrol is low and msten at 10 is very low.

    It's also 2 methyl's. Which can be rough.

  5. And yes clomid and a OTC test booster afterwards is probably a good idea.



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