need input on upcoming bulker

  1. need input on upcoming bulker

    Weeks 1-10: 500mg Test Cyp
    Weeks 1-4: 120-150mg M14ADD

    I want to add another into the mix.... gimme some ideas.
    I have virtually no limits as to what I am willing to try. I am on HRT, so PCT (as far as 6oxo, isn't needed, although Nolva IS on hand)

    I am looking to pack on 20 pounds or so.

    Past experience:

    3 short 2 weekers of 1t/4ad. Short 1 weeker of M1T (stopped early)

    This will be my first FULL cycle.

  2. you might consider running the cyp out to 12 weeks, as it takes a while to kick in. the m1,4ad looks solid, it should give a nice kickstart. if i were to add something else to that, it would be m5aa at 60-80mgs preworkout. good luck

  3. should I keep the dose of Cyp at 500mg? or ramp it up as time progresses?

  4. start at 500 and keep there, although if you like you can frontload for the first week at double the dose
    and if you can get test why not just use real dbol instead of its precursor

  5. true, I guess I will. should 35mg/day for the 1st 4 weeks suffice?

  6. Start at ~20mg a day if this is your 1st cycle:

    1-12 Test cyp
    1-4 Dbol 20-50mg a day
    If you want, Winny 11-13 50mg a day

    PCT starts week 14(I think) I am unsure when it comes to cyp-esters


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