First cycle advice

  1. First cycle advice

    I wish to talk with anyone with serious anabolic exp, i.e. multiple cycles under there belt. I wish to send pics of the gear I can buy, the country I am in sells some things over counter, also how to do my first cycle properly, and what to do after cycle, good supplements to take and what are the common mistakes. I have almost zero exp with this stuff and I really what to make it count, now that I have the time and job schedule and access to all the stuff I need plus the money. There will be questions I ask that will sound very stupid because some of the terms I am not familiar with, so please be patient with me.

    The first question I would ask is what are all the medical tests I should get before I do my first cycle?
    Next question would be should I cut up first or bulk first?

  2. doesnt matter if you are bulking or cutting. thats up to you. without any pics of you, bf% and stuff like that its hard to tell.
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  3. Ok I will get taped tomorrow and get a body fat check too,will attach pics later. Thanks for the response, never used a forum before either.

    Just so you know I wont be starting my cycle until they finish the new gym on my compound, the gym we have is crap, plus I want to have all the gear and supplements in place before I start, I will also place pics of the gear I already have so you can tell me if it's legit or not that would be helpful too.

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